主演:彼得·法尔克 Vicki Frederick 劳伦妮·兰登  


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http://121na.com剧情介绍 …All. the Marbles (reissued as The California Dolls) is a 1981 comedy-drama film about the trials and travails of a female w.restling com tag team and their manager. The film was directed by Robert Aldrich, and stars Peter Falk, Vicki Frederick, and Laurene Landon. Pittsburgh Steeler hall of famer "Mean" Joe Greene also plays himself in this film.Among the young unknown actresses who auditioned for the film, but did not receive a part, was Kathleen Turner.The wrestlers were trained by former womens world wrestling champion Mildred Burke.According to Laurene Landon, while the film did not do very well at the box office in the United States, it made a healthy profit in foreign markets, and producers were planning a sequel, to be set primarily in Japan, when Robert Aldrichs deahttp://121nath put a halt to the project.Thttp://121nahe film is known overseas as "The California Dolls", because "all the marbles" is an Amhttp://121naerican idiom that makes little sense in most other countries.



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